The standards of The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training far exceed the common national standards currently held by the yoga community. This unique course provides an extensive body of knowledge in each of the key subject areas needed to train a highly qualified teacher. Students are required to learn every element of knowledge presented to them, and are individually coached and guided every step of the way to ensure their embodiment and understanding of the material.

Our goal is to graduate only the safest, most competent and authentic instructors possible. We seek to elevate the bar for a yoga professional, one teacher at a time. Through the tools of online learning, we are able to provide an exceptionally thorough and personal experience, and we believe in each and every one of our graduate’s ability to provide an excellent yoga experience to their students.

There are six categories of knowledge our students are trained in:

  • Anatomy & Alignment (94 hours)
  • Vinyasa, Sequencing & Subtle Body (114 hours)
  • Teaching Technique, Building a Business & Being a Professional (66 hours)
  • Art of Adjustments (63 hours)
  • Philosophy, History & Theming (61 hours)
  • Meditation, Myths & Mantras (39 hours)
  • Teaching Practicum & Testing (54 hours)

Click here to view the entire certification course syllabus.

Each module is presented in such a manner that the student works through the material at their own pace to enhance their learning process. In lieu of working in a studio, we work live one-on-one with students throughout the course to facilitate their learning and ensure comprehension at every level.

Finally, every one of our students must successfully teach a full 60-minute class based on the core competencies of our program. All tests must be passed successfully to earn certification.

The teachers you find here have accomplished all these rigorous training standards to earn their certification with The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training.

Once teachers are certified with us, they appear here where you can find them. There is no yearly fee or registration process. The only qualification to appear on this list of esteemed grads is to successfully complete the course.