Our teachers are trained to teach a safe, intelligently sequenced and creative vinyasa class that features the backbone of yoga’s most important teachings including: anatomy, proper alignment, philosophy, meditation and more.

We encourage our teachers to find their own voice within the practice, so you may experience some teachers utilizing a faster-paced flow class, while others spend more time with alignment and therapeutics. Some of our graduates may emphasize the meditative aspects of the practice while others focus on the subtle body (chakras and prana). Our teachers are trained in all aspects of popular modern yoga practice and are skilled at choosing the techniques that most fully express their own essential form of the teachings. With our graduates, you learn the power of yoga philosophy, personal practice, and the richness of the yoga tradition. Each expresses this in their own unique way.

Here at The Kaivalya Yoga Method, we love diversity, and we believe that our richly diverse group of teachers brings something special to the yoga community. Because we have teachers from all over the globe, teaching to all different groups of people in various circumstances, we are excited about their ability to translate the yoga practice in a modern, accessible, and authentic way to their specific population. Whether it is in Africa to their Medicins Sans Frontiers colleagues, in Bulgaria to their graduate school cohort, in the remote island chain of Alaska to new practitioners or in the American midwest to their autistic classroom—we are proud of how our graduates bring yoga to the world.